All across the world, customers are different in many ways but are the same in one way – they want the best possible deal. The best possible deal doesn’t always mean cheaper or faster and that’s where it gets interesting. Sometimes, the best possible deal is the option to pay you gradually. It’s that simple. 

You see, money doesn’t always come in bulk for a lot of us but we want to have nice stuff. The usual answer to this dilemma is “save,” but how many of us have the discipline to save? Yes, you guessed right, not a lot.

Thankfully, Flutterwave comes to the rescue here. Flutterwave Payment Plans to be precise.

Flutterwave Payment Plan allows you to create payment plans for your customers with a specified amount and duration so that they can enter their card details once and at the specified time and for the specified duration, pay you the specified amount until they’re done.

So imagine you sell hair extensions on Instagram and there’s a customer who can’t afford ₦200,000 at the moment but really wants a wig worth ₦200,000. You can put them on a ten-month, ₦20,000 naira-a-month plan and it’s a win-win.

Creating payment plans using Flutterwave is very easy.

If you don’t have a Flutterwave account, create one here. If you do, move onto the next step.

In your Flutterwave dashboard, select “Payment Link” on the left panel.

In “Payment Link,” click “Create Payment Link” and select ‘recurring charge.’

In the next screen, fill in the required details, specifying the amount and duration of this plan and you’re done. 

With your link created, click “Copy Link” on it and send the copied link to anyone you’re expecting payment from or add it to your Instagram bio for anyone who wants to buy from you.

“Payment Plans” on the left panel will reveal details about your plan including subscribers details.

Congratulations on your new payment plan. Please make the most of it. Go get ‘em!

Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing