If you like using your smartphone in dark mode, then we have good news for you. You spoke, and we listened. 

We’re excited to announce that you can now use Barter in Dark mode on your mobile device. The reason for this is this: although we want you to transact and pay bills using your better financial “half”, we’re also very particular about your experience while trying to do these. 

What is Dark Mode?

The Dark mode is a rather popular feature on most social media apps and even device manufacturers have adopted this feature to suit users’ preferences. It is also known as night mode on some other apps/devices.  

Dark mode can reduce the strain on your eyes, especially at night. Bright device screens can be tiresome, causing eye strain, and rapid battery drain. With dark mode, you can ease all these. It’s a perfect fit for night time, but also for general use. 

Why go Dark?

Besides the fact that Dark Mode eases eye strain, it helps conserve battery life and make your device standby time last even longer. Also, isn’t it just super cool to go Bruce Wayne on your phone, just because you can?

How to turn on Dark mode

On your Barter dashboard, 

Navigate to settings >> Click Dark mode settings >> Select Dark mode

Will you try out Dark Mode on Barter? Yes or Yes?

Let us know what you think about it on social media @getbarterapp

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Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing