Digiclan, a community of over 5,000 Digital marketers across Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya. The topic of this Rave’d Up meetup was “Reconnecting Brands to Customers through Storytelling” and it was a whirlwind of insights from different industry leaders in storytelling and marketing.
It featured seasoned marketing leaders like Tolulope Olorundero and Uche Nwalie, brand manager at Guinness Nigeria.
For digital marketers, brand marketers, and content strategists that were unable to attend, it is important that we share the top 5 insights to remember when connecting brands to customers through storytelling:
1. Work on brands you have a passion for or at least like enough to build for. It makes work, creating content, and strategy easier.
2. Build content for your brand around stories that resonate with your Target Audience.
3. For some brands, especially FMCGs, getting more reach is more important than acquiring engagement. “Brand loyalty is a myth”
4. Capture the attention of as many people as you can by telling an amazing story that could potentially get you in the news.
5. People will do business with your brand because of your personal human touch, not just because of the business you are selling. That is one of the great things about storytelling.
For digital marketers including freelancers and full-time employees, we spoke about payment operations involved when managing the digital distribution of content (in other words Ads). The Rave payment platform by Flutterwave is able to:
Allow marketers to receive payments from customers around the world using payment links especially recurring payments so that freelancers don’t have to chase their clients every time payment is due.
Provide multiple USD virtual cards so that digital marketers are able to safely pay for brand campaigns across social media platforms including Facebook and Google Ads.
One important feature that helps in building trust from customers includes the ability for digital marketers to be able to download expense reports done on the virtual cards because digital marketers can create separate cards for separate clients.
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