Learn How Bazebo is Bridging the Gap in Cross-Border Payments

Bazebo is an e-commerce platform that connects Africans to over 5000 stores to shop for their favourite fashion or household items in the United States.
Founded by Moses Ihoza in 2018, one pillar Bazebo has held onto as they thrive is measuring customer success and they found that the ease of payments was one critical factor to aid customer satisfaction. With Flutterwave, they have been able to extend multiple payment options to include mobile money and card acceptance and then, receive their settlement in their Ugandan Bank account.
At the core of our mission to connect African businesses to the Global economy, Bazebo has quickly taken advantage to expand its business outside Uganda and has commenced operations in Lagos, Nigeria and hopes to expand to other African countries soon.
Watch what is next for Bazebo when it comes to cross-border access to the Global economy.

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling