Firstly, who needs to accept payments? Everyone, from small businesses that make clothes looking to sell abroad, to freelancers, to startups, virtually everyone.
Secondly, why do they need to accept payments? Well, duhhh.
Now, how can just anyone accept payments from anywhere in the world without a website for FREE?
There are a lot of payment gateways  but there’s only one that beyond providing you with FREE registration that’s under one minute, a payment link so that you don’t need a website, ability to collect money from anywhere in the world, and ability set up recurring billing for subscription services, is fully committed to seeing your business grow.
RAVE by Flutterwave is that platform. Businesses are going from local to global thanks to RAVE. Ask Wakanow, Flyboku, Bazebo, Uber etc.

  1. Log on to to register. Follow the directions and complete your registration.
  2. On your RAVE dashboard, select Payments Links.
  3. In Payment Links, click Create Payment Link and follow the directions.
  4. With your link created, click Copy Link on it and send the copied link to anyone you’re expecting payment from or add it to your Instagram Bio for anyone who wants buy from you.

Congratulations on your new payment link, and please make the most of it. Go!]]>

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling