Whether you’re launching your e-commerce site or bringing your business online, it’s time to start accepting payments online.
In order to collect payments, you must find an online payment gateway that can provide features necessary to optimize your business. Features like offering customers multiple options of payment methods such as credit card, debit card, mobile money, and ACH processing. Providing more options increases your business’ chance to close a sale, as most customers pay with up 3.6 different payment methods each month when making purchases.
Additionally, this payment gateway should work for you as an owner, as much as it works for your customers. Having the flexibility to integrate easily wherever you make sales, on your website, in your mobile app or on your social media profile. A dashboard that lets you manage your transactions, gain knowledge about your customers and control settings as you need them.
Broaden the features of your solution.
Our payment gateway covers all aspects of growing a business and new clientele. Receive funds from multiple channels including online, mobile, social media, point-of-sale or call centers. At Flutterwave, our priority is building technology and relationships that will set you at ease. Our developers have worked on award-winning technology that has empowered them to create an infrastructure strong enough to hold your needs in processing, security, and support.
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