Easily accept payments from customers anywhere in the world
With Rave, you can process credit cards and mobile money everywhere your business is or wants to be. Collect payments from your website, custom App or eCommerce site with our secure and sleek integration. In an increasingly global economy powered by the ease of information through social media, we find it important to connect the world. Mobile payment gateways bring your business outside of your in-store sales unto a mobile device or website. With Rave, take it further by bringing your sales outside of your country and into the rest of the world.
Simple Integration, Strong Developer Tools & 24-Hour Support
Our developer documentation is detailed and thorough, to make sure any integration goes smoothly when you’re ready to start taking payments. Whether it’s through your website, custom App or eCommerce store, we provide 24-hour support and a Developer blog with questions and feedback from our community.
The key features that make Rave the mobile payment gateway you need:

  • Start expanding your business globally and accept payments in up to 156 currencies including USD, NGN, ZAR, GHS, UGX, KES EUR & GBP.
  • Customers can pay with their debit/credit card, bank account via ACH, or directly from their mobile money.
  • International business transactions can be nerve-wracking, but Rave is safe & secure with certified PCI and PADSS certification, fraud management tools such as 3D Secure.

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Published by Wendy

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