you can add funds into your Barter using your local card or bank account.
Here’s what you don’t know:
Imagine a Naira card that you don’t have to carry around in your wallet. Barter lets you create a virtual Naira MasterCard so you can make those important online payments in a jiffy.
We aren’t saying you should toss out your physical cards, we’re just saying you have an option to use a card that isn’t linked to your bank account & offers you a lot more security. And who doesn’t like to feel secure?
A digital Naira card is good, but what about a Visa dollar card? Or multiple dollar cards for all your subscriptions. One card for Spotify, one for Uber, one for Amazon prime, one for Heroku… we could go on forever but we’d rather let you experience it.
Speaking of arriving in style, when you add your Barter card to your Uber app (Naira or dollar), you get 0.5% cash-back after every ride #BarterRewards ( an on over 25,000 Merchants in Nigeria )
We saved the best for last: your barter app lets you request and send money to any number saved on your phone. You can request as low as N50 or as high as N500,000. Whatever amount you’re sent goes right into your Barter Balance which is pretty much the bank card or account you have added to barter. wallet, and you can never have too much money in Barter or your wallet. Trust me.
Barter has so much more to offer you and we cannot wait for you to get the app and enjoy true financial and lifestyle freedom.
Barter’s Standard plan is free for everyone but anyone who wants to enjoy bigger and better rewards can upgrade to the Barter Select plan for N175 a month – that’s what we call a bang for your buck!
Thanks for reading and download the Barter app on the iOS store and Google Play store.]]>

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling