Gbonjubola, or Gbee as we fondly call her, who we hired as our first female Software Engineer in 2017.
Have you met Damisi? She is the Product Manager who grew Barter from 0 – 30,000 customers in a year! Speaking of Barter, our alumna, Koromone, named the product and built our brand.
Then there’s Mitch, our fashionable Design Associate who wrote a brilliant article about her journey from intern to full time in under a year.
Can I also talk about Jo-Sharon? She started off in Quality Assurance and now leads our Corporate Customer Success team
Also, have you ever wondered how we are thriving in Kenya? Well, another one of our rockstars Clara made that happen! She held it down in that market.
We are now operational in 6 markets (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) pretty much due to our Expansion and Partnership pioneer Omosalewa.
Our Enterprise Partnerships did not happen overnight – from the Pan African Banks to Airlines and Flywire, etc. EjimonyeOpeyemi and Ifunanya drove those initiatives behind the scenes.
I’m especially excited about our new Chief Operating Officer Bode, who is a rockstar with over 15 years of working experience in the bag.

I am surrounded with superstars and I cannot wait to unveil the rest of the team to the world.

Anyone can be a leader but being a great leader is no easy feat; so, when I think about the team, I start the day with fresh confidence and excitement.
Payments is people. And people matter.
Bring on the madness.
GB— Olugbenga Agboola]]>

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling