Refunds have been available on Rave for quite a while. We never really needed to change how it worked. It worked well enough for the type of merchants that used it at that time.
Recently, a good number of our merchants started requesting for something we didn’t quite catch during the initial sprint.
The user story in summary:
A merchant wanted to refunded her customer. It was not a full refund. It worked…until she needed to refund the rest of the money. Yeah! There was no way 😔.
We’ve made several improvements to the refund process.

  1. You can now refund your customer more than once. What does this mean?

See example:
Your customer was charged NGN 50,000 twice. You made a partial refund of NGN 50,000. You realize you’re actually out of stock and cannot fulfill the order forcing you to refund the rest of his/her money.

Introducing: Multiple Refunds

With this feature, you will now be able to refund the other NGN 50,000 seamlessly.

  1. You can now add a description or reason for the refund. This will help you with your daily account reconciliation.

A full blown refunds history page

We hope this improvement will tremendously make doing business easier for you and all our beautiful customers.
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Published by Wendy

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