Over the years, the biggest business opportunities in Africa were created through the export of raw and non-value-added commodities like crude oil, coal, cocoa, coffee, leather, gold, and several others.

However today, a new generation of millionaires are being bred in Africa through new and unconventional business opportunities.

From startups like Wallet.NG, that has built a robust infrastructure with the determination of making transactions fast, convenient, reliable and accessible for consumers, to Asoebi Concierge that takes off a huge stress that comes with wedding preparations from the couple, by sorting and delivering “Asoebi” to their invited guests.



These businesses are leaving the surface and are going deeper into the root of Africa’s unending problems and everyday frustrations to find valuable solutions. Wealth on the continent now emerges from solving problems and creating value and not just from extracting natural resources.

However, one of the problems being faced by a lot of businesses is, finding an easy and secure way for their customers anywhere in the world to pay them.

Imagine having an incredible idea on how to make other lives simpler, but you can’t market it outside your country of residence because you have no means of collecting payment from your customers overseas. This is what businesses like Touch and Pay that operates from Nigeria and Kikuu that operates from China, struggled with in the early stages of their business.

Now with Flutterwave, location is no longer a barrier. These businesses can now solve problems and render services with an assurance, that they would receive their payment irrespective of where their customer is. Our customers are able to seamlessly integrate our solution on their websites and e-stores, and start transacting immediately.



With us there to support our customers, it is easier for them to focus on the issues they are trying to solve, their goal to satisfy their customers and the growth of their businesses. Still in doubt? Here’s what our customers are saying:


“We are really excited about our next phase of growth using Flutterwave. It has really reduced the amount of manual and Excel work my team has had to do till date”. 
— Yimika, Asoebi Concierge.

To all our customers, we promise to continue to serve and help you build excellence through our words and deeds. Your growth and success is truly our priority.

Happy Customer Service Week!

— Mitchelle Chibundu]]>

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling