US Bank Account payments:

Your customers can now pay you with their US bank accounts. We currently support over 250 US banks including JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, and TD Bank.
The best part is it’s enabled for everyone by default which means you can truly take your business international!

QR code payments (powered by mVisa): Scan, Pay, and Go.

What is this? I bet you’ve seen those ads about mVIsa before, if not, that’s fine. For most banks today, there’s an option on their mobile app that allows users scan a QR code to make a payment. Some of the banks that support it today are Diamond bank, Ecobank, Skye Bank, Zenith bank, Access bank, First Bank.
This is an option you should be excited about because it has a huge potential. More banks are even integrating it today.

Live with GTBank and Providus Bank!

We’ve added GTBank and Prodivus bank to our list. We’re really excited about this new addition because of the very negligible fraud rate(0%), so less worries for you.
We have more banks in the pipeline so keep an eye out for our next email update.

Improved international cards success rates:

We’ve partnered with a number of global names to ensure international card payments are more successful.
Exclusive of the AVS triggered errors your international customers receive, we can boast of an 80% success rate for international cards on Rave today. You can even receive payments from your customers who use AMEX and Discover cards.
Rave is committed to ensuring you have one payment gateway that can serve all your needs, we know it’s a reach, but we’re sure we can achieve it with you!
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