In Nigeria, small businesses (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy. They drive commerce and provide easy access to many of the commodities we rely on daily. Small businesses account for about 96% of businesses and almost 90% of employment in Nigeria (Business Day, 2023), so it’s no surprise that they get a whole month dedicated to celebrating them.

May is Small Business Month, a month to show our appreciation and take extra steps to make them feel loved, appreciated, valued and praised. That’s why we want to do something special for our MSMEs in Nigeria – to show you that we are always rooting for you!

Our Small Business Month Initiative is simple: we want to reward businesses that have been dedicated and regular users of Flutterwave Store. Flutterwave Store was built specifically for small businesses, so what better way to reward you?

How Does It Work?

The top 10 small businesses with sales on their Flutterwave Store in May will receive a cash prize of 200,00 naira each! 🎉🤑. Great news, right?

Here’s how they will be selected:

  1. Top 5 Stores by Transaction Volume: These are the businesses with the highest number of transactions in May.
  2. Top 5 Stores by Transaction Value: These are the businesses that made the most money from sales in May.

This is a no-hassle process that doesn’t require any extra effort from you. We are doing the nitty gritty; all you have to do is keep transacting on your Flutterwave Store until the end of May!

The selected businesses will be announced on the 11th of June. Winners will be emailed and credited to their Flutterwave dashboard, so be on the lookout!

This initiative is our way of pouring back into the businesses that have supported us. Through this financial boost, we hope you continue to thrive and grow, and get that extra push to keep going! Thank you for all that you do! 🚀

Published by Segilola Kola-Daisi

Product Marketer