In recent years, families and friends have been more impacted by immigration. Hardly would you see a family that isn’t scattered across the globe. If you’re reading this you’re most likely impacted and can relate to the next sentence. While video calls and texting help us stay in touch, nothing truly beats being together in person.

Unfortunately, being together in person can’t always happen – sometimes it happens just once a year. This means you miss everyday moments that matter in the lives of people you cherish. But there’s another way to key into those moments. I’ll give you a clue: “You can never go wrong with sending money” 

Send App makes it easy to send money to family members in other countries. You don’t have to pay any fees; you can see the exchange rate and the amount the recipient will get in their currency. If you need help, you can chat with our support team in the app.

Here are some tips to keep family ties strong, even from far away:

  • Support Daily Needs from Afar

When a loved one needs help paying an unexpected bill, you wish you could be there to hug them and hand them some money. While you can’t be there in person, you can instantly send money with a few taps on your phone. Knowing you have their back is comforting and keeps you close, despite the distance. 

  • Mark Special Occasions with Gifts

Your siblings are graduating from university soon and you wish to cheer them up in the crowd. While you can’t attend, you can show that you are thinking about them. A cash gift will go a long way in celebrating their achievement.

  • Be There in Emergencies, Anytime

Your family should know you are just a phone call away when the unexpected happens. If your cousin abroad faces an unanticipated medical bill, you can send emergency funds to ease the stress. Be their anchor when they need you most, no matter where you are with Send App.

  • Little Reminders You Care, Every Day

Sometimes it is the small, simple gestures that show you care. Send some funds just to say “Thinking of you!” or “Proud of you!” from anywhere, anytime.

With just a few taps on your phone, you can send money in minutes to family members in over 30+ countries, support daily needs, mark special occasions, provide emergency aid, and send daily appreciation from anywhere. 

Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to download Send App and start putting your money where your heart is by sending thoughtful transfers in minutes. 

Published by Akinlade Kehinde Dolamu

Analyst, Product Marketing