About GetEquity

Picture this: First, ‘You know a promising, maybe not publicly traded, company, and you wish to own a part of it. One day, you have $100 to spare and ready to invest a part of it in the company and the rest in other assets, so all your eggs won’t be in one basket. However, existing investment service providers have a higher minimum starting capital and don’t support fractional ownership or other investment types. What do you do? Give up?’ Millions of Africans have always struggled with that. Enters GetEquity to bridge the gap between investors and alternative investment opportunities such as debt, fixed income, and equity deals that were once exclusively meant for institutional investors and organizations. In less than five years of operations, GetEquity is already making this picture a reality for thousands in Africa to access and provide access to experts-curated  

The Challenge

Founded to ensure the realization of a dream that startups and other alternative investments can be truly democratized and accessible to anyone anywhere, GetEquity faced the challenge of providing access to debt, fixed income, and equity deals for people from diverse locations. The company needed a payment solution that is safe, secure and assists them in reaching their goal in a record time. Such a solution must offer world-class cash payment and collections infrastructure with at least 96% uptime to facilitate a seamless and user-friendly experience that allows individuals and founders to meet their financial goals of investing in different assets, raising funds and allocating equity transparently. 

The Solution

Say hello to Flutterwave’s Fintech as a Service (FaaS). FaaS is a ground-breaking solution demonstrating Flutterwave’s commitment to supporting startups of all sizes to bring their fintech solutions to a wider audience in record time. This is achieved without compromising security features and the company’s capacity to customize and fully brand customer experience appropriately. Seeing the success of FaaS with other startups, GetEquity opted for it in 2020. And as we will see shortly, the rest is a revolutionary platform that makes it easy for customers to GetEquity and other financial assets with as low as $10 and for pre-seed private companies to raise funds and allocate equity seamlessly. 

Promise Kept

Leveraging our payment gateway and FaaS, GetEquity achieved a faster GTM, recorded more than 65% Total Processed Value growth rate in 2022, and gave access to thousands of investors in Africa and beyond, thereby making investing in private companies and alternative assets accessible across emerging markets. Additionally, our comprehensive payment infrastructure gave GetEquity the flexibility to seamlessly collect payments from customers across and facilitate the secure transfer of funds in multiple currencies via dozens of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Mobile Money.


GetEquity’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jude Dike said, “Working with Flutterwave has been one of the best decisions we made when we started in 2019. It enables us to comfortably focus on other core areas of our business and operations while the cash payment and collection were already taken care of safely and entirely with multiple currencies and various payment methods, including Bank Transfers and Cards. Our goal remains democratizing investment opportunities for everyone everywhere, and we are excited the team is supporting us with seamless payment experiences for our users ‘.

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Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling