I am a big fan of Innocent Ujah Idibia AKA Tubaba; the maestro, the enigma, the legend. People think his worldie, African Queen is his best gift to humanity. I think it is his declaration of love’s pivotal place in our everyday life. “See I am searching for some kind of possibility, someone to love me for me, someone to show me true love.” 

And so, I sat there in a high rise in Canary–Wharf, London as we recorded Send App’s Ad with a real couple, Nwando Ebeledike and Lawrence Gbadamosi. You could see them brimming with care and love for each other, they could hardly sit apart from each other and every little decision they made was another opportunity to converge. They clearly loved each other’s counsel above all else. 

They met on Twitter

Lawrence had reached out to Nwando on the timeline on Twitter/X, promising to shoot a better shot in the DMs. When that was not coming, Nwando took the proverbial bull by the horns and reached out. Ladies, am I communicating? 

Nwando and Lawrence in each other’s presence

Anyway, here we are, months later and they’re planning their wedding all the way from London. In many African cultures, there is a Bride Price which is a symbolic amount of money paid by the Groom to the Bride’s Father, declaring interest in the bride’s hand in marriage. 

Both lovers were based in London and found it difficult to find a solution that they could depend on to send this money across. This is not like any other payment, this is a groom putting his money where his heart is. They searched and Send App by Flutterwave came fully recommended. It was love at first sight for Lawrence, just like it was for him when he saw Nwando on the streets of Twitter/X, months earlier. 

Like every honest product review, there’s always something to improve. Lawrence later mentioned that he couldn’t find ‘Bride Price’ as part of the narration for the funds transfer. We have since added that bit for any other lover boy out there!

Send App the love App

Long story short, Send App helped them send money home for the bride price and not just that, made it easy to make payments for their wedding planning. 

They can’t seem to get enough of each other!

In the different ways people use Send App– Flutterwave’s cross border money transfer solution, expressing love is one that has piqued my interest. Africans would rather remain in Africa all their lives. But if we have to leave home for some reason, we try to stay connected with family back home. 

This includes contribution to healthcare, education, feeding, accommodation, businesses and marriage. All of these are expressions of love and community. For Femi sending money home for his mum’s eye medication, Ada doing the same but for his brother’s education, Owuraku and Collins sending money back home for a relative’s now expired rent, all mean one thing; Africans love one another and we express it best by sending money home. 

For Africans by Africans 

It makes sense that a remittance solution that understands these dynamics and the importance therein, is born. A remittance solution by Africans for Africans will definitely hold dear the various expressions of love we share. That money is not just some pounds, dollars or euros, it is an assurance that though miles apart, I think, dream and care about you. 

Send App brings all of these to reality and with Nwando and Lawrence’s story, Send App becomes the App for love, that simple and elegant solution that helps you put your money where your heart is. 

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