“The best way to send money is via Send. The best time to send money is now. Do it now. “

The best time to do it is now: Welcome to Send by Flutterwave (2021).

“At the heart of it all, sending money is about more than just transactions; it’s a deeply personal act. “

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Say Hello to Send App by Flutterwave! (2023).

So, what changed? Just the tagline? Does it even matter at all?

Well, the tagline has obviously changed from ‘Do it now’ to ‘Put your money where your heart is,’ but you can see from the new branding that it’s not just the tagline that changed. This leads to the question we seek to answer here: why does this change matter? What prompted this switch? To understand its significance, we must delve into the power of go-to-market messaging in products, especially in the ever-commoditizing consumer markets. As most markets tend to become commoditized over time, it becomes imperative that products are built with this in mind. Hence, the need for products to transcend functionality and become a mission, a purpose-driven endeavor. To explore this further, let’s use the evolution of Send App as our case study.

The Evolution of Send App:

Send App by Flutterwave started its journey as a simple remittance product designed to facilitate quick and efficient money transfers. The product was born as a no-frills solution to a gap in the remittance market. You could see it in the user interface of the app. Very straightforward, almost barebones. Hence the name “Send.” Very simple. Don’t do anything else, just send money to your loved ones. More on the loved ones bit later.

The “Do it now” tagline perfectly encapsulated the product’s primary purpose – encouraging users to send money instantly, without hesitation. It served as a call to action, enticing users with the promise of hassle-free and prompt transactions. Which it did deliver, if we do say so ourselves.

In this simple name and branding, we had achieved an important criterion of effective product messaging – Differentiation. You see, in a competitive market such as remittance, a unique and resonant message can set a brand apart from its rivals.

“With Send, we’re connecting to our very core. The very belief that you should have no boundaries, no borders, no limits, is at the core of everything we build. And immediate action is how we’ve always built… Send is direct, straight to the point, and is all about immediate action.”

again, us in 2021.

We stood out in the eyes of our users and in that time learned a lot. We learned that while sending money is a direct, straight-to-the-point action at the point of entering an amount and clicking “send,” it’s much more than that.

Remittance is love. Remittance comes from the heart.

Sending money is not merely a transactional process. It is often a heartfelt connection between people – whether it’s supporting loved ones, helping friends in need, or contributing to a cause that resonates with the sender’s values. This realization marked a turning point for Send App by Flutterwave because it showed that while we fulfilled the criterion of differentiation, we had others we needed to fill. Here are a few of them:

Emotional Appeal: It’s common knowledge that we are more likely to engage with brands that evoke emotions and align with their values. We needed to appeal to your emotions and encourage you to forge meaningful connections through financial actions.

Brand Identity: We needed a strong brand identity that’d establish a lasting impression in your mind, and with the new app and branding, our designers and engineers knocked that out of the park. A brand that’s caring, empathetic, and most importantly, fosters positivity.

Affinity: When you feel a personal connection, you are more likely to grow affinity in the long run. By promoting the emotional significance of financial transactions, we strengthen our bond with you and in the long run fulfil your heart’s needs.

Value proposition: It’s not lost on us that you still need to know what exactly the product is, and how it could help you. The basic functionality of our product is still at the center, as can be seen in the app, on the website, and in the “put your money” part of the tagline.

The Shift to “Put your money where your heart is”

The decision to adopt the new tagline, “Put your money where your heart is,” was driven by the desire to emphasize the emotional aspect of sending money. This shift reflects a deeper understanding of the human element behind financial transactions and positions us as what we actually are – more than just a service provider.

By highlighting the idea of putting money where the heart is, we are appealing to the inherent sense of empathy and compassion that lies within all of us. It taps into the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others and encourages us to be conscious of the significance of our financial actions.

The transformation of Send App by Flutterwave from “Do it now” to “Put your money where your heart is” expresses our focus on understanding customers’ emotional needs and crafting products and messaging that meets them. By recognizing that sending money is more than a mere transaction, the company aligns itself with the values and aspirations of its users.

This shift represents not just a change, but a profound new purpose. It’s about a mission to show how much your money choices can positively affect the lives of the people you care about the most. This purpose is designed to resonate deeply with both you and those who matter most in your life.

In a world where digital interactions can often feel detached, this shift toward a more heartfelt approach sets Send App by Flutterwave on a path to building lasting relationships and driving meaningful impact through financial actions. Go on, put your money where your heart is.

Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing