We understand that at the heart of each money transfer is a deeply personal connection. Each time you send money for bills, school fees, or family upkeep, you’re expressing your care and love. That’s why we built Send App by Flutterwave, and now, we’re growing further to suit your needs with a new delivery method: NGN Bank Transfers!

Why is this big news?

The answer is in our new tagline, “Put your money where your heart is.” Just as we grew from “Do it now” to this new mantra, our features also evolved, emphasizing not just speed and efficiency but also the emotional connection that each transaction represents.

Now, on to the delivery method:

Send App now allows you to send money directly into naira bank accounts. Straight from your heart to Naija, in a heartbeat! With this new delivery method, transferring money from Send App to a Nigerian bank account takes just minutes.

Just like sending money should be, using NGN bank transfers on Send App is simple. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Update your Send App or download the latest version from the Apple Store or Google Play Store 
  2. Input the amount you wish to send.
  3. Enter your recipient’s bank details.
  4. Choose “NGN bank account” as the delivery method.
  5. Review and confirm your transaction.

Your money is delivered in minutes.

Why should you choose NGN bank transfers when sending money to Nigeria?

Delivery in minutes: Speed isn’t just in our old tagline of “Do it now”, it’s still an important part of our mission. With NGN bank transfers, your money gets delivered to Nigeria within minutes.

Convenience: Send money from over 33 countries worldwide, anytime, anywhere. With us, there are no boundaries or borders when it comes to supporting your loved ones.

Security: Your privacy and security are paramount to us. We leverage the same infrastructure that powers some of the world’s largest companies.

In the spirit of our new tagline, “Put your money where your heart is,” we’re excited to see the ways in which this new delivery method will foster even more meaningful connections, just like it has always been at the core of our mission.

Download Send App on Google Play or Apple Store or visit www.send.flutterwave.com,  and start sending your love to Nigeria in a heartbeat!

Published by Akinlade Kehinde Dolamu

Analyst, Product Marketing