On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, we launched the Flutterwave Product Workshop– a series of online and in-person workshops where we connect with you to serve you better while sharing tips and hacks for growing your businesses. The launch topic was Making the Most of Your Flutterwave Dashboard, and we shared incredible tips for you to grow your business using Flutterwave. 

Did you miss it? No worries, we will keep you up to date with this recap of some of the discussions during the workshop. Ready? Let’s roll…

1. 2FA for Login and Transfers

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a Flutterwave for Business account feature that offers extra protection for your business(es). For example, after trying to log into your (F4B) account or make transfers, you must provide an additional One-Time Password (OTP) sent via your email address and on WhatsApp or through a third-party app like Google Authenticator. 2FA prevents all unauthorized access and transfers from your account. We recommend setting it up if you’ve not done so yet.

2. IP Whitelisting

Listing an IP (Internet Protocol) address as safe, i.e., IP Whitelisting, allows you to restrict transfers from your account to banks, mobile money, or any other Flutterwave for Business (F4B) account (payouts) to only the selected IP address(es) that you trust. This feature is handy if you have multiple admins. It ensures that other admins cannot transfer money from your account without your permission. You can learn more about this feature here or watch the video below to activate it.

3. International Payments. 

Opening up a Flutterwave for Business account is equivalent to taking your business global without leaving the comfort of your room. Your F4B account makes it easy for you to sell to customers worldwide and accept payments in multiple currencies.

4. Determine Payout Source

As a business owner on Flutterwave for Business, you can make transfers, i.e., process payouts to banks, mobile money, or any other F4B account from different sources– Dashboard, API, or both. If only Dashboard is selected, payouts from API will not be successful. Similarly, if you choose only API, payouts from Dashboard will not be processed. If you select both, payouts can be processed from either source. Watch the video below to see how to activate it in under 60 seconds.

5. Payment Links

Flutterwave Payment Links allow you to accept payments from anywhere in the world, with or without a website. Simply generate a link and share it with anyone who needs to pay you through your preferred communication channels like social media. What’s more? You can customize your payment links to accept one-off or recurring payments. 

6. Invoices

“You have a payment link; what’s next?” Flutterwave Invoicing takes payment links a notch higher. It enables you to create professional invoices in any currency, set periodic reminders for the customer to pay, and seamlessly track the payment without lifting a finger (Actually, you have to make a few clicks). Guess the best part of it? Invoices created include payment links, so your customers or whoever needs to pay you can just click to make payment. 

7. Announcement & Flash Messages

If you’ve ever been in a place where the anchors make a shout-out to you, you would appreciate the importance of this feature for your business. It allows you to share important information or updates about discount offers, special sales, shipping delays, and the newest arrivals to all new and returning customers visiting your Flutterwave Store. It’s a very effective and simple feature to help you increase customer engagement. Watch the video below to learn how to activate it.

8. SEO Advantage & Selling while Sleeping 

Flutterwave makes your businesses visible without extra charges, so existing and new customers can easily find your products and services by simply searching your business name online. That’s not all; once you upload products, the Flutterwave store handles everything, including helping you make sales while you are asleep, so you don’t need to pick between being available 24/7 on social media and making a sale anymore.

9. Seamlessly Running Delivery 

When Flutterwave promises you ease of business, we really mean it. Now, businesses in Nigeria, we will add other countries later, can seamlessly manage and track deliveries directly from the Flutterwave dashboard without worrying about issues with dispatch riders. This is made possible by our partnership with ShiiP– a leading logistics company in Nigeria. ShiiP provides access to over 80 delivery companies to help businesses on Flutterwave with end-to-end tracking and handling of deliveries and shipments. We hope you will start using this feature today to address the delivery challenges you might be facing and free up time and resources for you to focus on growing your sales. Learn how in the video below. 

Simplifying the process of doing business and making payments is key to all we do at Flutterwave, and we will continue doing that to ensure anyone from anywhere can start their business locally and grow it globally. We hope to see you during the next product workshop on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. Register Now!

Published by Opeyemi Ekundayo

Associate—Storytelling and Branding