How often do you get stuck on gift ideas for all the special occasions we commemorate? We all know the feeling too well, and Mother’s Day is around the corner so I’m sure the feeling is knocking again. Not to worry though, we have something for you!

In honour of Mother’s Day, we decided to ask some Wavers (this is what we call people who work at Flutterwave; I know, we’re cool 😉) what the best gift they’ve ever gotten for their mum is, and what it meant to them.

The best part? For each of these gifts, we have linked Flutterwave Stores that sell something similar, so you can gift your mum something amazing whilst also supporting your fave SMEs. You can find them all on the Flutterwave Market.

Here’s what they had to say…


“I got her a new chest freezer and portable refrigeration storage set, to preserve her food items. Lowkey, I was gifting myself – that way it is easy to steal fresh food whenever I visit at the weekend.”

We love the humour in this. You may not be able to get her the chest freezer, but you can get her fresh food and groceries that you can also steal anytime you visit her. Eden Farms has all she needs to make meals that will last, and you can get them from


“My favourite gift I got for my mum was a perfume. When we were younger, she had this one Dior perfume she loved – someone got it as a gift for her. She couldn’t remember the name anymore but I remembered the smell so my sister and I went perfume hunting, and we got the exact one for her. It was the Christian Dior J’adore.”

Perfume is always a good idea, and going the extra mile to find that one perfect scent is even better. Dier Scents has a variety of perfumes and other scents you can buy, at


“You can never go wrong with fabric for your mum. Whether it be lace, ankara, kente, or fabric from other regions, mums will always appreciate some nice fabric. The last time I bought fabric for my mum, she loved it.”

There are different fabrics to choose from, depending on your mum’s style. You can buy beautiful chiffon, cotton and wool fabrics from Heevah Fabrics. Visit to shop.


“My mum likes good food, so I like getting her food and snacks that she’ll enjoy. Hampers and food trays are my favourite things to buy for her.”

Gift boxes are cute because they have different mini-gifts inside, and can even be shared. Cakes ’N More has a specially curated Mother’s Day box that includes baked goods, a personalised mug, flowers and a card. Visit to shop this box and more.


“She’s been on an allowance from when I got my first NYSC allowance till date, which has grown incrementally as my income has grown over the years. For the past 13 years, I’ve never missed a month. I’ve also changed her car 3 times, built her a home, paid for her first trip abroad and bought her other little things like clothes.”

Jessica is currently in the lead for the child of the year, lol! However, for anyone who cannot afford to buy their mum houses and cars just yet, there are other options. For the fashionable mums, Debshers has lovely occasion dresses for you to buy. Alternatively, E25 Dresses has casual clothes in a variety of prints.

Get shopping at and


“She loves bags so I gave her a bag. She loved the one I bought for myself so of course she took that too.”

We can relate! Who doesn’t love a pretty bag? Gorgeous crafted bags are available at Five Feet Outfits. Head over to to get one (or more) for your mum.


“I got her a plant once. It didn’t even last a year, she overwatered it 😔”

Hopefully, your mum will take better care of her plant! Eby’s Eden has a range of plants to display. Buy one for your mum from to add a pop of colour to your mum’s home.


“Shoes, perfume and clothes.”

For a shoe-lover, Myladyshoes has a whole collection of slippers, sandals and heels for every occasion. Visit and you’ll be sure to find something that your mum loves.

We hope you have enjoyed this round-up of gift ideas for your mum, and also found it useful! Hearing real-life quotes is that extra touch that gives you confidence in getting a great gift. Whatever you choose, we are sure that your mum will love and cherish it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums out there! ♥️

Published by Segilola Kola-Daisi

Product Marketer