• Date: Sunday, 11th December 2022
  • Venue: Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Time: 11 am prompt 

You’ve been selected as a vendor for the Flutterwave Trade Fair 3.0 or maybe you plan to participate in the future? — what’s next? We believe these 6 tips and tricks would help you maximize your end of year sales and get the best from your trade fair experience!

Offer Attractive Discounts and Combo Packages

Buyers love to see discounts–we all love saving money, and ones from 20% and above will attract shoppers to your products and services. Shoppers also love great combo deals like an all-in-one package at a reduced price compared to buying those products individually. It’s a win-win situation for all, you make more sales, buyers save more money and also meet their shopping needs. 

Have Themed Gift Ideas 

If you’re a business that deals with gift items, decor, accessories or any item that can have a theme, it is usually a great idea to curate your products around the prevalent season. As we near the end of the year, it is a great idea to consider products that are christmas/new-year themed and curate your sale in that line. 

Be Heavy on Self Publicity/Advertising

No one else can market your business like you will. Now is the time to be heavy on that self promotion and advertising. Speak to a friend, ask for referrals, be loud about your participation at the Flutterwave trade fair. Your invitees can register for free here

Remember, closed mouths don’t get fed. If you can, print out business cards and posters and share with shoppers that come to your store. If you make a customer’s shopping experience memorable, they are more likely to purchase/repurchase in the future. 

Be Memorable

Nothing beats leaving a mark in the minds of shoppers when they patronize you. Be welcoming to shoppers and play to your strengths. If your line of business is not too common, capitalize on that angle to market, educate and help people realize their need for that product. 

If you’re in a more populated market, niche down on your unique offerings and perspective to that product. For fashion, it could be an ankara brand. For food, it could be a twist to common meals. Your uniqueness could even be the story behind your interesting business name. Find your unique angle and work with it.

Stock Up

It hurts a lot when you have shoppers around but you’ve run out of products to sell and sales that were supposed to come to you, go elsewhere. It is advisable to prepare appropriately for the end-of-year sale, estimate how many products you’d need and add a little extra to it.

Consider Take-away Gifts/Souvenirs 

Shoppers love businesses that treat them nicely and make them feel good. A simple gift added to their package or shopping discounts for subsequent purchases are simple but unique ways to draw customers to you and have them return. 

We are positive that these tips would help you during the upcoming Flutterwave Trade Fair 3.0  and beyond, make the most of it.

Happy Selling!

Published by Opeyemi Ekundayo

Associate—Storytelling and Branding