We’re excited to announce that Flutterwave merchants can now process payments in eNaira, the Nigerian digital currency issued and distributed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. This aligns with our commitment to providing the best payment experience for businesses everywhere. The eNaira joins the robust list of payment options available on Flutterwave. Merchants can now enable the eNaira payment option for collection from their customers via API and Checkout. 

Quick facts on using eNaira on Flutterwave

1. The eNaira payment method is available to all Flutterwave merchants who want to collect Nigerian Naira (NGN) from their customers who have the eNaira app.

2. The eNaira payment method is a self-service payment option, which means merchants can enable/disable this payment option directly from their Flutterwave for Business dashboard.

3. The fee pricing is 1.4% per transaction capped at 2000 Naira for merchants in Nigeria only.

What eNaira payment options are enabled on Flutterwave?

1. Pay with QR: When a customer selects this payment option, a QR code is generated and displayed for the customer to scan using their eNaira mobile app to complete the payment.

2. Token Payment: In this option, the customer generates a one-time token on the eNaira app, then inputs their phone number and the generated token to complete the payment on the eNaira app.

3. Pay with Direct debit payment: Here, customers are redirected to the CBN’s eNaira Modal to input their eNaira credentials (User ID and Password) and complete the payment.

How to enable eNaira on Flutterwave as a Merchant

1. Go to Settings on your dashboard 

2. Click on Business preference

3. Then click on payment methods

4. Select eNaira on the list and enable it (you can also disable it whenever you want)

5. Your setting would apply automatically


We’re always looking for ways to simplify payments for businesses and their customers. One way to do this is to enable payment methods that our customers and their customers find useful. Our addition of the eNaira payment method is yet another effort to ensure that when businesses do the hard work of bringing customers, the choice of payment method will not be a challenge. 

Published by Solomon Osadolo

Content Design Manager