Father’s Day is around the corner again! As usual, people want to appreciate “the old man”, dads and figures that have stepped in as fathers. Every dad has unique tastes, styles and preferences, so we put together a range of gift ideas we’re sure you will find useful for the perfect gift for your dad.

The Flutterwave Market is the perfect place for you to shop for Father’s Day gifts. Consisting of a collection of Flutterwave Stores, you will find a bunch of ideas at different price points, so there will be something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll share some stores on the Flutterwave Market across countries that you can visit to buy gifts this Father’s Day.

1. Accessories

Shopkingcelia (Nigeria)

Ties, cufflinks and socks are all great ways to upgrade any outfit instantly. This is especially useful if your dad loves to look stylish and attends many gatherings and events. Shopkingcelia has an impressive range of socks, cufflinks and ties.

2. Slippers

Udani (Ghana)

Leather slippers are a great option as a gift this father’s day. Slippers serve as a good addition to both casual and traditional outfits. Stores such as Udani in Ghana have stylish ones to choose from.

3. Gadgets

JUU Gadgets (Zambia) and Xtrasdotcom (Nigeria)

If your dad is a “gadgets guy”, JUU Gadgets in Zambia and Xtrasdotcom in Nigeria are stores to check out. They have a variety of gadgets, from phones and laptop stands to AirPods and smartwatches. Even better, they have some of the most competitive prices in the market.

Sahal Online (Kenya)

Additionally, Sahal Online in Kenya also sells headphones that would be perfect for the father who loves listening to music, podcasts, and watching videos on his phone.

4. Books

Roving Heights (Nigeria)

Book lovers are not left out! There is an array of books available on the Flutterwave Market, ranging from fiction, non-fiction, self-help, and finance books; there is something for every taste. Roving Heights in Nigeria is a great pick if he likes war novels.

5. Skincare and Grooming

The Earthy Goodness (Nigeria)

For the man who loves to do his skincare routine and take care of his appearance, there are so many stores to choose from that cater to these. The Earthy Goodness is a good choice.  It has a variety of soaps, body butter, oils, masks, beard oils and many skin care products for men. 

6. Perfume

American Foreign Express (Uganda)

Everyone loves to smell nice. Hence, you can never go wrong with perfumes. If your dad is particularly into perfumes, or you think he’d appreciate a new bottle, you should check out American Foreign Express in Uganda. They have several perfumes fit for every man’s collection.

From these stores and many more, you’ll be sure to put a smile on your dad’s face with whatever you choose to buy. Click here to start shopping.

Happy Father’s Day!

Published by Segilola Kola-Daisi

Product Marketer