Flutterwave’s mission is to simplify payments for endless possibilities. We want to help everyone – individuals and businesses create endless possibilities in all they do. This is why we’ve always built solutions that not only empower you to create endless possibilities but also help you achieve your goals. 

What Does “Endless Possibilities” Mean To You?

Endless possibilities mean a lot of things to different people at different phases of their lives or businesses. 

  • For some people, endless possibilities is being able to sufficiently provide for their parents by easily sending money home from wherever they are in the world. 
  • To some other people, it means being able to unashamedly and effectively raise money for their NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) to impact more lives. 
  • Some people would have achieved endless possibilities if they are able to launch their online business. They really just want to sell their products (both digital and physical products) online without hassles. 
  • Endless possibilities to some people is being able to easily showcase their creativity. They create art, dance, poetry or any kind of content and they want to easily show it to the world and still get paid.
  • Others just want to build solutions and be able to easily integrate financial services into them.

At the end of the day, you define what endless possibilities mean to you. 

Why Do Your Possibilities Need To Be Endless? 

No one likes being limited and not being able to achieve what they want due to certain realities or challenges. You want to be able to conceive an idea and be certain that it’s possible or achievable. 

  • That child abroad needs his/her possibilities to be endless so that nothing stands in the way of them conveniently & sufficiently providing for their parents. They don’t want delays, high fees and other challenges to stop them from being able to give their parents premium care. 
  • The NGO owner needs funds to add value to more lives. The possibilities must be endless because lives are at stake and limitations threaten the progress of these precious lives. The ability to easily raise funds will be like rocket fuel, propelling the NGO to add more value. 
  • Imagine being able to create products, for example, scented candles but your limitation is that there are no platforms to easily and directly sell to customers. For this person, possibilities must be endless so that they can not only create the scented candles but also sell them to their customers from anywhere in the world. Imagine creating scented candles at home and being able to ship them to customers across the world…. Just imagine! 
  • A creative wants their possibilities to be endless so they can reach more people with their gifts and creativity. Everything stopping them from reaching more people is a limitation and they need to be removed. 
  • Imagine building a software product for your business but you are not able to easily collect payments from your users, that’s a limitation. This is why the software developers need their possibilities to be endless, they need to be able to seamlessly integrate payment solutions into their software. 

#UseFlutterwave To Create Endless Possibilities For Yourself

Flutterwave has built different innovative solutions to empower you to create endless possibilities for yourself and your business. We’ve built a suite of products to solve what would have been problems for you. 

  • For the child abroad who wants to send money to his/her parents at home, our $end product was built just for this purpose. The speed, rate, transparency and convenience for the recipient creates endless possibilities for you. Use $end and learn more here
  • For the NGO owner who’s passionate about impacting lives and wants to raise funds for different projects, our Donation Payment Link will ensure ease, speed and convenience for your donors, thereby creating endless possibilities for you. You need to sign up on Flutterwave here before creating your donation link
  • For our scented candles merchant, taking that business online just got easier with our Flutterwave Store. At no cost, you can create your online “shop”, upload your scented candles, the different variants, prices and easily sell to people across the world. With the introduction of the Flutterwave Market, you now have access to all the people who shop from other merchants via the Market. Take your business online today via the Flutterwave Store by creating one here. If this isn’t endless possibilities, honestly, I don’t know what is.
  • Our creative genius isn’t left out, you can easily create, showcase, grow and get paid without writing a line of code. Yes, with Disha, you’re one step from endless possibilities. sign up here and you would have taken that big step. 
  • Finally, our developer friends are not left out; we have a product that creates endless possibilities for you. Now, you can build your software, integrate Flutterwave APIs and in minutes begin to collect payments from users. To use the APIs, you need to create a Flutterwave account here

We hope these examples and scenarios have shown how you can #UseFlutterwave to create endless possibilities for yourself? We’ll keep building valuable solutions for you and your business, if you have questions or any feedback, reach out to us here

Published by Rotimi Okungbaye

Manager, Product Marketing