When we announced Flutterwave Store, we said “Flutterwave Store is quite simply the best and easiest way to launch and manage an e-commerce business that accepts payments from anywhere in the world without creating a website, knowing how to code, etc.”

Now, Flutterwave Store thanks to Flutterwave Market is also the best and easiest way to launch and manage an e-commerce business that allows customers to easily find and patronize your business.

Welcome to Flutterwave Market

A collection of stores make up a market and it’s no different here. At its very core, Flutterwave Market is a listing of products available in individual stores that makes it easier for merchants to make sales because they’re more easily discovered by customers. But, it’s much more than a listing of Stores. It’s yet another expression of our mission to create endless possibilities for businesses.

Be discovered by millions of shoppers worldwide

Prior to now, your Flutterwave Store took away the hassle of building an e-commerce website, integration payments, and all that. But you still had to share your Store link as far as you could. Now, Flutterwave Market is going to help you find customers.

Firstly, by grouping your products into the categories they fall into and also grouping your store by your country, customers can easily find you.

Secondly, straight out of the box, Flutterwave Market has seasonal promotional categories that take advantage of seasons to showcase your products. This Black Friday, Flutterwave Stores that have Black Friday discounts are being showcased here. We wrote a post on how you can make the best of Black Friday and how you can be showcased on our Black Friday page here.

So how does the Flutterwave Market work for customers?

Customers on the Flutterwave Market are shown a list of products. When they click their preferred product, they’re taken to the product owner’s Flutterwave Store. They checkout independently on each individual store at least in this iteration of the Flutterwave Market. Customers are able to search by country, product categories, and price.

Pro Tip: Having great product pictures is crucial to attracting customers.

What do I need to do to be on the Flutterwave Market?

Well, firstly you have to create a Flutterwave Store. Click here to create one for free if you don’t have one yet.

Then, there are a few criteria you have to meet.

  • Your store is online. We can’t have offline stores now, can we?
  • You’re a transacting merchant; i.e you have made a sale on your Flutterwave Store.
  • You have a category assigned to your products. It’s important for customers’ experience that categories are accurate and updated.
  • Your store is not a test-store
  • You have products in stock
  • You have listed more than 1 product
  • You have images for all your products
  • Your product images are high resolution and representative of items being sold
  • You have listed appropriate prices for products eg N3,000 not N0.01
  • Products sold do not contravene Flutterwave Terms & Conditions

Does a store owner need to have complete KYC docs for their store to be featured on the Flutterwave Market?

Yes. Store owners need to complete verification the Flutterwave Dashboard.

Is there a minimum transaction threshold a store owner must carry out for their store to be featured on Market?

There is no transaction threshold, however the merchant must be a transacting/active one. i.e They receive a minimum of 1 order per month.

Will price updates on my store automatically reflect on the Market?


Will my store still be featured if I have/do not have an ongoing sale/promo?

Yes. As long as the merchant meets the criteria listed earlier.

If my store products are sold out, will my store be delisted automatically from the Market?

If stock is sold out, it will be displayed but shoppers will not be able to make purchases. They will however, be redirected to the merchant’s store when they click on the sold out image. If the image is deleted by the merchant, it will not appear on the Market.

Can a merchant provide available shipping locations in case some parts of the country are not available for shipping?

The merchant remains responsible for shipping and will determine operational areas.

What is the maximum duration an item can remain in a customer’s cart? Does it reset at some point, or not?

The maximum cart-hold duration is 20 minutes, after which it will be reset.

When will Flutterwave Market be available?

Flutterwave Market is available right now to you. Go ahead and take advantage of it.

Here’s to great sales for you! 🥂

Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing