Small businesses have always been around, but since the pandemic, when people were confined to their homes and some finding themselves out of work, small businesses have become even more prominent. People were forced and inspired to put their creative juices to the test, and this gave way to a whole new array of small businesses. 

The importance of small businesses cannot be overstated – they focus on certain markets, niches and products/services that big businesses most times do not, to the same extent, simply because of their size. For this, they deserve their time in the spotlight and praise for all the big – not small – things they do for us.

What better way to support them than with our range of products? For example, Flutterwave Store allows businesses to set up an online store directly from their Flutterwave dashboard, display their products and accept payments from customers, at no extra cost. They can also accept multiple payment methods. Here’s how to quickly and easily set up your Flutterwave Store. Additionally, Flutterwave POS gives you as a merchant the ability to collect payments from your mobile phone, on the go or in one place, whatever suits you best. You can download Flutterwave Mobile for free on iOS and Android.

What’s more, being a small business does not restrict the reach of customers, as our Flutterwave products allow you to accept payments from anywhere in the world that you have customers.

These features are especially useful for small businesses, as you don’t have to acquire extra costs such as buying POS machines, setting up physical stores, paying to get websites set up, and so on; as long as you have a mobile phone or laptop and can download the apps, you’re good to go!


Convenience is one of the first things that business owners look for in operations. Anything that will simplify and allow business to run more smoothly will be sought after by them.

The convenience of being more agile. More personal. More focused. The convenience of catering to individual customers’ needs and being able to accept payments in a way that suits them.

Small businesses usually offer customer service that is second to none. Since they are still growing their customer base, they are able to pay more attention to customers, give quick and knowledgeable responses, and build personal relationships.


Across multiple countries, small is everywhere and getting bigger than ever. Irrespective of the nature of the business, there will be something for everyone.

Take for example, Kenyan business Purpink Gifts and Flowers. An online gift shop that sells everything and even categorises it into gifts for her, him, kids and babies. Within that, there are categories of gifts for young boys and girls. Gift baskets, food hampers, flowers, and personalised gifts. As a small business, they have considered all groups that they can serve.

What’s even more important, not all countries have access to big corporations. Sure, most big companies offer worldwide shipping these days. But the difference in preference between small and big businesses comes in the ease of having a small business that’s local to the customer. Factors like shipping and returns, quicker deliveries, and finding exactly what they are looking for, are much easier with small businesses.

As a small business, global means you are able to play on the same field as the big guys, whilst still maintaining your niche and satisfying your customers. And with our Flutterwave products at your fingertips, it just became even easier. Now, you have everything the big players have. We are rooting for you!

Published by Segilola Kola-Daisi

Product Marketer