The events of the last few weeks in our country— South Africa have taught us that there is strength in unity. We have seen the biggest show of strength as South Africa passed through a difficult period. We’ve seen strangers become family and people support others in meaningful ways. 

We’re here to look forward, to rebuild our nation and its future. South Africa is ours, and we’re here to show support. 

In response to the difficulties faced by over 45,000 small businesses affected by the recent disruptions, we are extending our heartfelt considerations to businesses that may have been affected by these events. As such, for the next three months (4th August, 2021 to 4th November, 2021), all transactions (capped at ZAR15,000) made on new and existing businesses on Flutterwave in South Africa will be free of transaction costs. 

Businesses of all sizes and solopreneurs use Flutterwave to receive payments from their customers anywhere in the world. We thought this would go a long way in helping business owners sell their products and earn money while rebuilding their businesses. 

Visit here to create your own Flutterwave account.  

We have also financially supported two non-profit organisations in their rebuilding efforts—Rebuild SA Fund and Rebuild South Africa Organisation. These donations, we believe, will help these organisations continue their work of helping small businesses rebuild, restock, and get back on their feet. 

The effort to rebuild South Africa starts with rebuilding our economy and in increasing the margins for businesses to aid their speedy recovery. Businesses of all sizes deserve the best in technology and support to help them better provide the necessary boost to our economy. 

We’re also providing opportunities for knowledge-sharing for business owners to grow their knowledge on all things digital marketing, sales and more. Our Grow My Business Webinar provides unlimited resources for entrepreneurs and business owners to improve their processes and sales. Visit our YouTube page to learn from other entrepreneurs and industry experts as they navigate the world of digital commerce. 

Published by Munya Chiura

Head of Growth Rest of Africa