Today, many decisions, products and services made by businesses result from data and information provided by their customers and prospective customers. As part of the steps, businesses take to protect users’ data, creating a clear and concise privacy Policy Agreement is of great importance.

A privacy policy document is undoubtedly one of the most vital documents on any website. It explains the company’s views and procedures on information collected from its visitors or users. A privacy policy will state how the company or website collects, handles and processes its customers’ data. Users’ personal information may include; name, e-mail address, location, sex, and nationality.

An example of a privacy policy document is that of Tumblr’s. Tumblr’s privacy policy agreement describes the information and data Tumblr collects from its mobile app users or website visitors. This information usually includes names, photos, likes and email addresses. 

Create A Simple Privacy Policy Document In 5 Minutes.

There are many reasons why you need to have a privacy policy for your online business, regardless of whether it is accessed via a website, mobile app, or web app. Some of the reasons why you need a privacy policy are:

1. It is required by law. 

The most important reason why you need a privacy policy is it is required by law. If you collect user information on your website, you are required by law to have a legal statement available to users to review what their information would be used for and the privacy practices of the business.

2. Visitors to the website will be more comfortable sharing their information.

Users knowing what their personal information will be used for makes them more comfortable sharing their information on your website. People are concerned about their privacy, especially when they are inputting personal information online. Information such as their home address is considered sensitive, and it would be best to explain its use to them in the privacy policy document.

3. Third-party services require privacy policy documents. 

Several third-party services such as Google AdWords or Google Analytics require you to have a privacy policy that houses information about the use of their services. Platforms like Twitter also require you to have a privacy policy through its Lead Generation Card.

Steps In Drafting A Privacy Policy Document

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Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer