When people think of money transfer, they think of sending money to friends and family abroad, making purchases, paying suppliers, amongst other payments. However, not all money transfers go to other people. For many others, money transfer is another way of transferring money to their personal accounts for personal use. 

With Barter, you can transfer money to yourself for whatever reason you may require the money. Barter does not limit you to sending money to your friends and family locally and internationally but to yourself as well. 

New to Barter?

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How do I transfer money to myself?

Sending money to yourself requires the same process as transferring money to another person. The only difference is that this time, you will input your personal payment information.

Below are a few ways you can send money to yourself via Barter:

1. Transfer Money To Your Mobile Money Wallet

Mobile money is a technology that allows its users to store and transfer funds through their mobile phone. Examples of mobile money services in Africa are mPesa, MTN Mobile Money, EcoCash and many more. With Barter, you can send money directly from your Barter account to your mobile money wallet for any personal reasons.

2. Transfer Money To Your Bank Account

Barter allows you to send money to your bank account for costs such as paying mortgage loans and converting your money to physical cash.

3. Top-up Your Airtime

Barter airtime top-up allows you to recharge your pre-paid call and data plans for your mobile phone. In case you find yourself in another country, Barter will provide the best means of purchasing airtime for whichever network you may find yourself using. Your phone number is the only requirement to make this purchase. Click here to discover the countries Barter is currently present in.

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Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Senior Manager, Product Marketing