When we say that we connect Africa to the world and the world to Africa, we mean it. And here’s one way we do that; Worldpay is leveraging Flutterwave’s technology to process domestic payments, starting with Nigeria and South Africa. Worldpay, a leading payments technology solutions company from FIS, powers smarter payments, for today’s world. 

What is the problem Flutterwave and Worldpay are solving for businesses? 

Receiving funds for goods or services from bank cards in Nigeria and South Africa, alongside its attending hassles for businesses may dissuade large enterprise businesses from expanding to the continent. This is a problem Flutterwave has extensive expertise on, and little wonder Worldpay is partnering to leverage the available technology in Africa whilst offering their extensive global reach. Utilizing a single-entry point with Worldpay, you can offer your customers domestic payment options to boost conversion and acceptance rates. This is good news for existing businesses looking to simplify their payments, and great news for enterprise businesses looking to expand into Africa. 

How will the Flutterwave and Worldpay collaboration work in Nigeria?

Good question. Nigeria’s online commerce via mobile devices is projected to more than double by 2024, to be valued at $31 billion. Currently, card payments are among the four most popular payment methods in Nigeria and growing fast. Cash, which has been king, witnessed a major decline in 2020. This shows that as Nigerians adopt more online payment options, the work that Flutterwave and Worldpay do, will continue to grow in relevance. Via Worldpay’s gateway the partnership will allow merchants to process card networks such as Mastercard and VISA; this offers businesses expanding to Nigeria a deeper way of understanding the customer. This collaboration further helps ambitious Nigerian businesses expand globally. 

How will the Flutterwave and Worldpay Partnership work in South Africa?

South Africa’s eCommerce industry is projected to be worth $9 billion by 2024. In fact, there has been a major decline below 50% of cash payments in South Africa in 2020, while recording a marked increase in card payments. This trend positions South Africa for high powered enterprise expansions. There will be local e-commerce businesses in South Africa expanding globally, as well as enterprise businesses looking to expand to South Africa. Steps in Flutterwave and Worldpay. This partnership will offer access for businesses to receive card payments such as VISA and Mastercard, with more options to come in the future This would greatly improve payments processing for businesses in South Africa and other businesses looking to expand into the market. 

Imagine having the ability to pay on thousands more of your favorite websites from anywhere in South Africa or Nigeria? That is the super power that this collaboration offers. Now, you cannot be limited by physical borders. Most importantly, you can sit back and relax in your Lagos, Enugu, Cape Town, Johannesburg etc. apartment and make business connections and transactions across the world, knowing that Flutterwave and Worldpay have given you the power.

Download Worldpay’s payment guide for South Africa here.

Download Worldpay’s payment guide for Nigeria here.

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