Freelancing in 2021 has become an important source of income for individuals, regardless their employment status. The pandemic and ensuing lockdown has also increased the widespread adoption of the gig economy. People are now more comfortable hiring freelancers for different tasks and freelancers are more equipped to do their jobs better with various remote-work tools readily available.

If you are looking to outsource any of your skills as a freelancer, here are 10 tested and trusted tips from TERAWORK, a marketplace for freelancers with various skills: 

 Find your niche based on your skills

For your professional growth, it is important for you to specialize in a certain niche and build your name in it. Above any advice you will receive in the industry, this is the only way for you to grow your reputation and attract well paying freelance jobs.

Be competitive with your pricing

Freelancers often find it a challenge to place commensurate price tags on their services. However, by conducting research into how much other professional freelancers change for related services on freelance platforms such as TERAWORK, you should be able to come up with a competitive pricing strategy that would ensure you receive adequate returns for your efforts while at the same time maintaining preference among top service buyers.

Platforms are Ways to keep Safe

Most importantly, if you can, you should enlist on any or all of the notable online outsourcing platforms comprising TERAWORK, Fiverr, and Upwork. This should expand your visibility rate and increase your chances of getting more gigs as well as guarantee that your work will be paid for. Freelancing platforms leverage technology and deep processes to expose vetted professional freelancers to job opportunities beyond their geographical locations.

Create a well-detailed profile

Your profile is your best lead. By creating an attractive profile which showcases your skills range, knowledge bank, and levels of successful tasks delivered over time, you will increase your attraction to businesses that hire freelancers. Meanwhile do not forget to demonstrate your authority in your field by using keywords in communicating your expertise.

Be responsible

Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, often likes to remind business people to build a good reputation by delivering on promises made to clients. It is no different for professional freelancers. Hence it is important you are available and responsive across all communication channels that connect you to your clients since you would be working for a larger percent of the time online. More so, ensure you get the job done quickly and effectively. And during a virtual meeting with clients make sure your internet connection is good; your looks and environment are tidy. 

Create good client-freelancer relationships

Communicate effectively with your clients in a positive and polite manner. Respond quickly to enquiries; stay honest, and be forthcoming about any challenges you might be facing when working on a project. Besides, don’t be afraid to ask questions as often as it requires in order to ensure you gain clarity and receive adequate feedback, on any project objectives.

Deliver quality jobs

One of the key drivers of positive Reviews is the quality of job delivered to clients. Ensure you strive to go beyond the quality expectation of customers by turning good to great in all your job delivery efforts.

Request for Reviews

Once you notice your client is excited by the level of work you have delivered, ask them to write a Review that would serve as testimonials on your profile. Beyond serving as a marketing attraction to your would-be clients, good Reviews serve as feedback. 

Network broadly

Your network is your net-worth. Connect with other professional freelancers to broaden your knowledge, and attend industry events where you would be able to meet prospects who may bring more opportunities your way later.

Focus on cash management

Keep accurate track of all the cash that comes your way to enforce strict budgeting. Since you are not a salary earner you would have to save for the ‘lean’ period when you may not have enough gig jobs to cover all your expenses. At this period you can conveniently fall back on your savings.

Following these practices will definitely generate a positive impact in your freelancing career. Besides, if you want your work to pay off, you have to put in the extra effort and conduct your service delivery consistently in a professional manner.

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