It’s that time of the year! Excited much? Christmas is an exciting holiday we all love. Some want to rest and merry. Others want to shop and enjoy.

We have saved you all the hassle by listing below 10 makeup products you should shop this time. Oh, and mind you – all the products are in stock for you to order. 


For highlighting your face which comes in 7 shades and 1 orange corrector. There are shades for all skin tone – dark, medium and light skin tone.

It is water-based, easy to apply with a brush-like tip and blends effortlessly. It does not crease and it hides dark circles or dark spots.It works perfectly and definitely one to look out for as you shop for Christmas if you are looking for the best pro concealer ever.

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I’m sure the name speaks for itself. It’s for highlighting and most especially the brows. If you don’t like to use liquid concealers for the brows or when correcting makeup blunders, then search no further. This brow highlighter is creamy, easy to control and great for beginners. 

It comes in 4 different shades, all-in-one. If you are a makeup artist or a makeup lover, then this is a must-have during Christmas shopping. I use this to correct, highlight and conceal. It works like magic. I recommend this anytime, any day.

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This mascara has tiny fibers to lengthen, add volume and define each lash without leaving any clumps or smear all day long. It’s jet black in color and creates an illusion of natural false lashes. 

If you have sensitive eyes, try this mascara. It makes your lashes dramatic and natural at the same time. This is a must-have during Black Friday.

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This powder is a must-have if you like some lightweight finish. It gives a glowy finish leaving your asking looking smooth and fresh. This powder is a go-to when you want a natural finish, especially for work or hangout. It also has a way of smoothing out your makeup when it feels heavy.

It comes in 8 different shades and can be used as a touch-up powder or a highlighter because of its soft shimmery effect. Don’t forget to add this to your shopping list during Christmas shopping.

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This foundation comes in medium and full coverage designed for the travelers or those that don’t like to carry big makeup purses. It provides optimum coverage for all skin types. It’s light texture blends onto your skin and provides a long-lasting flawless finish.

The medium coverage provides a dewy and hydrating coverage for up to 12 hours while the full coverage evens out the complexion, creating a flawless matte finish that won’t crease.

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Are you tired of washing your brushes all the time? Are the bristles pulling off every day? It could be that it’s because of excessive washing. Don’t worry, all you need to do is include this brush wash to your shopping list this Christmas.

You don’t need to wash your brushes when using this. To use, spritz on the brush, then wipe off using a clean tissue or towel and it will be squeaky clean. It’s easy to carry around. It also contains a disinfecting agent to kill bacteria.

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This creamy texture primer has a mattifying powder base to help intensify and extend the wear of your eyeshadow from sunrise to sunset. 

A little quantity goes a long way. It prevents creasing, flaking or smudging. 

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This eyeshadow palette creates a perfect blend of stunning colors. All the shades are very wearable, easy to blend and very pigmented. We have two different palettes that both offer a mix of mattes and shimmers.

All colors on the palette pop and it’s what every makeup lover would love to have in her purse. Make sure to add this to your list.

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This lip stain comes in 6 colours – Nishan, Anja, Daraima, Alero, Thandiwe and Sisi. We have Nude, Red, Pink, Dark Purple, Bright Purple, and Oxblood. They are all matte, long-lasting and also hypoallergenic.

They glide on smoothly without leaving cracks. It has the perfect moisture balance and will not dry your lips out. This lip stain lasts up to 12 hours so say goodbye to touchups.  

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More often than not, I use this concealer as a base for foundation to cover up uneven areas. It gives a natural flawless result. This concealer is perfect for covering blemishes, dark circles and under-eye area. 

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It can also be worn alone with just powder for a natural matte finish. You’ll love its flawless and light creamy texture. It comes in 6 different shades for all skin tones. It can also be used for contour and highlight so add this to your Christmas list.

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