Online payments in Ghana has continued to grow and for a country with very ambitious and vibrantly tech-savvy youth, this is just the beginning. Africa is not a country, but our solutions make it seem so. We rely on the efforts of our partners, merchants, people and ecosystem to improve the experience of Ghanaians when they pay online. We will continue to do so.

With Flutterwave, you are no longer bound by country, currency, or payment platforms and methods. Thanks to our platform’s innovative features, stringent bank-level security measures, and focus on transforming your customers’ experiences, the possibilities for business growth and prosperity are truly endless. Now that you know the ‘why,’ let’s take a closer look at the ‘how’.

A Payment Gateway that Compels Sales

If you want your business to tap into today’s global economy, you need to remove any barriers to sales that repel your customers – and this starts with your checkout. Our checkout process is easily recognisable and trusted across the world. This removes these barriers, allowing your customers to make online payments in their local currency, using their preferred platform (web, mobile, Android, and iOS), and through their preferred payment method.

Gone are the days of abandoned shopping carts! Flutterwave Checkout is incredibly responsive, user-friendly, fast, and secure. What does this mean for your customers? Less confusion and waiting times. What does this mean for your business? Notably higher transaction success rates and profits. Simply put, the easier payments are, the more sales you will enjoy.

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Customisable Payment Links that Improve Online Payments Experience in Ghana

Our quest for convenience didn’t end with our reliable payment gateway; Flutterwave Checkout. Flutterwave also allows you to create and send customised payment links that suit your business’ needs and customers’ desires for quick, easy payments. Whether for a one-time buy, recurring transactions, or even donations, it’s simple, seamless, and in 150+ currencies with Flutterwave. The best part? No website or integration is needed for this innovative Flutterwave feature. Our goal is to remove restrictions to global expansion – not reinforce them!

Our customisable payment links make it easier for you to make payments easier for your customers – regardless of currency or country. For one-time payments, you can create custom ‘Single Charge’ payment links. You can also create ‘Subscription Links’ for recurring payments or payment plans and customise them to your needs. If you’re a charity, NPO, or simply reaching out for support during the COVID-19 crisis, you can create one-time ‘Donation’ links for any helping hands.

Guaranteed Site Security measures for Safe Online Payments in Ghana

Your reputation and ability to compete with bigger, more established businesses depend on the safety and security of your payments. At Flutterwave, we know this, which is evident in our industry-leading security measures and Payment Protection Promise. You will enjoy a profitable reputation as a reliable, safe, and secure online merchant to buy from (and more sales), while your customers will enjoy peace of mind that they are 100% protected in every payment they make.

Our ISO 27001 & 22301 certification highlights our ethical, reliable, and robust business practices, processes, and continuity plans. On the other hand, being PA DSS & PCI DSS compliant proves that we, as a payment gateway processor, have exceeded the highest levels of Security Audits to date. To put it simply, with Flutterwave, payments, profits, and peace of mind are guaranteed!

There truly is no disputing Flutterwave’s prowess in making online payments safer, smarter, swifter, and easier in Ghana. Without the need for a website or coding know-how, you too can start your journey to global success with us.

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Published by Nonso

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