It’s the last week of August and as you know, your customers and potential customers are likely paid already or will be paid this week. What are you doing about it? What are you doing about the very time when your customers are financially buoyant and most likely to patronize you? We have a few ideas on how you can make the most of this week.

End of Month Sales

This is the most common tactic that businesses employ at this time of the month. So that you don’t lose money, you can give a discount only when more than one item is purchased. So, you can do a promo where you offer say a 15% discount if 2 items are purchased. When you’re s

Free Delivery Week/Weekend

Like the title suggests, you can offer Free Deliveries on all orders or orders above a certain threshold this week/weekend. This is likely to entice customers especially if you specify that it’s only valid for a limited time. Again, you want to offer this while making it worth your while so please do not shortchange yourself.

Combo Offer

You can set up a limited time offer in conjunction with another business to sell a combined offer. E.g you sell dresses, you can combine with a shoe and/or bag retail business and give a slight discount when customers shop the whole look.

Free Gift

For this week/weekend only, you can throw in a complimentary product when customers buy products from you over a certain threshold. Everyone loves a sweet deal and this is likely to generate interest and hopefully sales for you.

Couple Deals

Firstly, couple deals don’t always have to be for people that are in a romantic relationship and they don’t have to be “his and her” type of romantic gifts either. It’s important that you specify this to increase interest and hopefully sales. If you sell bags for instance, you can offer a couple deal that’s only valid if a customer buys alongside any friend/partner of theirs.

We hope these ideas are enough to inspire you to generate sales this week. Here’s to a great week!

PS If you don’t have a Flutterwave Store yet, you can create one here and start selling.

Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing