In early March, Google and Flutterwave (that’s us!) came together to host a digital marketing workshop for small-medium businesses, the first in Nigeria. The main focus of the workshop was to show these businesses how they can grow their businesses using our products [Invoicing, Payment Links, virtual cards, etc] and increase visibility through Google Search and Google My Business. 

The first edition was held in Lagos, we had over 600 businesses represented over the three days and unfortunately could not accommodate more. 

If you missed it, or if you attended and are trying to get a refresher, we’re going to run through 5 key takeaways from the first edition of Digital Business Compass.

Ready? Here’s your quick refresher course: 

Flutterwave Payment Links 

Flutterwave Payment Links allow you to accept payments from anyone anywhere in the world with or without a website. You only need to send the link to them via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform you’re messaging them on. 

When you generate a payment link, you can make it a recurring payment if it’s for a subscription. You can make it a fixed amount or allow your customer to input the price they’re paying.

Find out more on payment links here 

Flutterwave Invoicing 

As a small business, one of the things that is a top priority when it comes to payments is being able to account for every cent spent or received. Our invoicing feature takes the payment link feature a step further by enabling you to to create an invoice right from your dashboard (in any currency, might I add). You can also set periodic reminders for the invoice. The beauty of it is that it gets sent to your client or customer with a payment link embedded, so they can easily click on it to pay you. 

Every cent received? Accounted for, right from your Flutterwave dashboard. 

Google Search 

The main things to bear in mind when you want to implement Google Search ads are: 

  • Be Present – Think of what your customers could possibly have a need for (that is connected to your business) and ensure that you are present with Search. 
  • Be Useful – There is no point running a Search Ad if you are not offering useful information to your customers when they search. Your platform should answer their questions. 
  • Be Quick – Ensure that your customer’s experience on your platform is as seamless and quick as possible. If not, they will leave. Remember that website that took forever to load? No? Well, neither does your customer. 
  • Connect The Dots – Using analytics from your ads, modify and adapt to ensure you are getting the best results. 

Google My Business 

Google My Business is a FREE digital storefront on Google that helps you stand out, engage with customers and find new ones. Add important information like your website, phone number, opening hours, but also, encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google. The more positive the reviews, the more likely new customers will trust your business. 

Get started on Google My Business here

Flutterwave Virtual Dollar Cards 

So you want to run ads on Google but your local currency card keeps getting declined? You are frustrated and thinking “How am I supposed to get more visibility for my business if I am unable to pay for Google Ads?” 

Enter Flutterwave Virtual Dollar Cards. 

Right from your Flutterwave dashboard, you can create a virtual dollar card, fund it with any amount you want and then add it to your Google Ads account. The card can also be used on other global sites to make payments for services, subscriptions for your business, etc. 

It’s quick to set up, easy to implement, and if you are having any trouble you can send us an email or shoot us a direct message on our support page on Twitter for help. 

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