Did you just receive a debit alert and you don’t know who debited you? Maybe you know who debited you but you don’t know why or when you did the transaction.

The truth with most debit alert issues is that they’re mostly late debit alerts for transactions you had done at an earlier time. Sometimes it’s so late that remembering the actual transaction is not easy. Bottom line though, it being a late debit alert and not a wrong one doesn’t make it any better. It’s best to immediately know what every debit is for.

So, how do you know what transaction the debit alert is for, how do you resolve?

Simple, visit dispute.flutterwave.com

With little information like: 

  • How much you were charged?
  • Date of charge / when you noticed the charge
  • First six digits of your card
  • Last four digits of your card

You can get it completely resolved there and then.

Flutterwave made the decision to put you at the center by creating a way for you to easily resolve. Make sure you take advantage of this immediately. Head over to dispute.flutterwave.com to resolve all your debit issues.


Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing