Yes, If they have a phone number, they can pay you, no ifs or buts.

About a month ago, we launched the revolutionary “Pay with Bank Transfer” which witnessed 99.6% success rate in its first week. Pay with Bank Transfer continues to grow in leaps and bounds but bank accounts have one problem – not everyone has one. But what does virtually everyone have? A phone number.

What are the signs, a person or a company genuinely cares? Free money? amazing gifts? Neglect? The right answer is thoughtfulness. When they care, they think about you and everything they do to/for you shows thoughtfulness.

As your payment company, we thought about your needs – about the payments you may be missing out on due to not having your most preferred payment options possible. We thought about how virtually everyone has a phone number but you don’t have a solution that only requires your customer’s phone number to successfully accept the payment.

We thought about you and we made it happen.

Say hello to our new partnership with PayAttitude, that only requires your customer’s phone number for a successful payment to occur. If the customer is not a PayAttitude customer yet, they have to get PayAttitude first to be able to use this payment method.

This is yet another milestone for us in our quest to ensure that you have as many payment methods as you require for your business to grow exponentially. We hope that you explore these methods and derive maximum value from them.


Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing