A new season is here which means a new chance to revamp! With school out and time to shop, it’s a great opportunity to make the most of your summer with a few marketing tips. Try something different and meet your customers’ summer needs before they begin!!

It’s a great opportunity to bring your business outside in busier areas.

Show off your best products where the crowd is

It’s a great opportunity to bring your business outside in busier areas. Brick-and-mortar locations can showcase their best items with a sidewalk sale. If your location has an outside area a few trendy updates can make it look like new. Even if you sell online, try something new like a pop-up shop in a busy area.

Incorporate summer trends in your products or services

Adding summer-related products to your boutique shop or incorporating summer foods to your menu helps attract more customers by appealing to their needs. Pair these seasonal changes with promotions so they know you are thinking of them! Want a hint about what products to sell? Use your Rave Dashboard to review last summer’s sales and analyze which products you sold out of the most. Does that product make sense again the summer? If it does, it’s a perfect time to stock up!

Take advantage of the extra hours & time your customers have

Think about hosting an event or join a current event in your business’ neighborhood. Summer means more time to have fun and do more…shopping! If your business offers a wellness service, like yoga classes, you can offer a summer boot camp or a family-oriented class. Take part in a fair or market and make sure to build up to it on your social media profiles!

Sometimes a few small changes are enough to change the success of your summer season. Make the most of your business this summer and try something new!