Rave Business Stories: HYGEIA

Hygeia HMO is one of Nigeria’s leading Health maintenance organisation which offers health insurance to individuals, families and small businesses. Their mission is to help people get access to quality health care on an affordable basis. 

We had a chat with Obinnia Abajue, CEO of Hygeia HMO, where he mentions how they are trying to get as many Nigerians possible to access quality healthcare on an affordable basis, that is,  getting value for what is being paid for.

He also tells us how it’s easier for customers to register on Hygeia using Flutterwave to make payments on instalments 

Find out more information on their plans here: www.hygeia.com and follow them on IG: @hygeiahmo

I start my day thinking – who doesn’t have healthcare? – Obinnia Abajue, CEO at Hygeia HMO