Quite often we say, “you need money to make money.” This is true but not all of it. There are business ideas that require zero money to start. In line with our mission to grow businesses using Rave, we have made a short list of 5 businesses you can start with a zero budget.

Local drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is the buzzword these days and even then it’s a little too technical for most people. Here’s a simple method: First research “easy-to-sell” products that you’re interested in. Then go to a market you’re familiar with, find sellers and reach an agreement for the best price. Take pictures of the products and look for buyers online especially social media. Of course, you’re selling at a price higher than the market price so you can make some profit. When a customer pays, withdraw the cash then go to the market, buy the product and fulfil the order. Of course, this won’t work if you offer payment on delivery so don’t. Only use Rave to accept your payment upfront.

Social media management. Most people are conversant with social media and can actually make a living managing for other brands. Granted, you won’t get the big brands but you can learn on the job with small businesses. Follow this link to learn more, most of the resources are free. Reach out to friends and family for links to clients, also do not forget to use Rave’s recurring payment feature to collect payments so you don’t have to chase your payments when due.

Errand/delivery service. People always need to move goods from place to place. You can use social media to get your early clients. You can make it a subscription service for small businesses where you get to deliver to their customers for a flat monthly fee. You can also run all kinds of errands for willing customers for a flat fee or price it per errand. A little innovation will set your business apart in this industry.

Home car wash. You can offer apartment buildings a service to clean their cars at a flat monthly fee. To innovate here, you can make it an overnight car cleaning service so that by morning, everyone has a clean car and isn’t delayed by you. This is best done for apartment clusters so you can make a reasonable amount of money.

Mobile dry cleaning. You don’t need to know how to wash a handkerchief for this. Partner with an existing dry cleaning service preferably a cheap but good one ( i.e a good one just outside a posh area). Advertise your business on social media at a price higher than the dry cleaning with a pickup and dropoff offer. Let the dry cleaning service do the washing, you find, service and retain the customers.

The list of businesses one can start is endless. It’s up to your imagination but we hope that this one right here has helped open up your mind even if you don’t pick any of them.


Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing