When we think about healthy meals, we often imagine tasteless meals and dread to eat it. But is this true? Fruits2Go begs to differ. Fruits2Go, a growing business, operating out of Lekki, Lagos, is taking on the challenge to bring “tasty” to “healthy eating.”
When we met Tosan Kukoyi, founder of Fruits2Go, we quickly bought into her passion for selling tasty healthy meals. She described herself as one who’s in love with ‘love,’ and one way she knows to show love to herself or other people is through food. “If you are going to eat, you might as well eat right,” she added.
Tosan, who was thriving in the corporate world before heading for her Master’s degree in the United Kingdom to stay ahead in her career, soon learned to follow her passion for making healthy food when she got back. She subsequently left the corporate world to focus on Fruits2Go.
She had faced challenges with fragmented payment collection processes in the past, then she learned about Rave by Flutterwave, and hasn’t looked back since. According to her, she’s particularly excited by the impact that the payment convenience and global reach of Rave could have on both existing & potential customers of Fruits2Go. Fruits2Go has been in operation for over 18 months and has plans to expand its physical location to be located within 5 km of Fruits2Go customers in Nigeria.
Watch to learn how Rave is helping Fruits2Go customers anywhere in the world, order & pay for ‘berry smoothies’ or ‘chicken sandwich’ and other tasty healthy meals for loved ones in Lagos, Nigeria.]]>

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling