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In recent months, Megabet, an online gaming service, entered the Nigerian scene and reached out to Flutterwave to be one of their payment technology partners. Megabet integrated RavePay into both their app and website, allowing their customers to pay using their Visa, Mastercard and Verve cards or their bank accounts.

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On Sunday, August 20th, Rave’s digital Point Of Sale (POS) made its debut at the Jollof Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. As the official payment technology partner of the festival, we were privileged to work with the 11 vendors who had food stalls at the event.

Thanks to the support of the vendors and the event organizers, Rave’s digital POS had a successful debut at the food festival, and as part of our review process, we reached out to a few of the vendors to share their honest experiences with using Rave at the event.

Our first vendor spotlight goes to Ozoz and she was interviewed by Koromone, our Communications Associate.

Ozoz, the brains behind the Kitchen Butterfly brand and the #NewNigerianKitchen movement, referred to herself as an accidental entrepreneur. She is passionate about everything related to food – she not only cooks but she also writes about and photographs her food experiences.

Ozoz typically makes appearances at food related events every 3 to 6 months in a year, and prior to Kitchen Butterfly making its transition from personal brand to business, she had only received payments into her personal bank account.

“In the early stages of my business, I didn’t have a business bank or a POS device. A majority of my customers preferred to pay with cash – I would say about 90% – and then the remaining 10% did on the spot bank transfers. The bank transfers were fine but I faced some value erosion from transfers that came in late or never came at all.” – Ozoz recalls.

Using Rave at the Jollof festival was Ozoz’s first experience with a digital POS software:

The onboarding experience was a lot easier than I had imagined. The Rave team provided us (the vendors) with tablets and having a software completely took away the stress of using a physical POS at the event.

With the RavePOS on her Tablet, Ozoz was able to receive payments from her customers via card, bank account and USSD.

Because most of my customers already trust me, as a vendor, and the organizers behind the Jollof festival, they felt very comfortable with me inputting their card details into the tablet when it was time to pay for their food. They (customers) didn’t mind paying with a service they were unfamiliar with which was good. I received more card payments – a few people paid using cash, bank accounts and USSD.

When you’re debuting a new solution, you’re bound to experience glitches so we ensured our Customer Success team were available to all our vendors and their customers in real time. We wanted them to feel comfortable with using RavePOS and know that they could reach out to us if they came across any unexpected glitches.

I liked how thoughtful your company (Flutterwave) and the Rave team were with setting me and the other vendors up with RavePOS before the event. During the event, when some of us had some minor problems, your Customer Success team responded quickly and on-site support was available the entire time.”

“I’d definitely use Rave’s digital POS service in any future events. I’d also like to know more about Flutterwave and how your company can help entrepreneurs like myself. I enjoyed my experience with Rave at the festival.”

Learn more about how Rave and how it can help a business in the food industry or in the online betting community.

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  1. Do you participate in a lot of events like the Jollof food festival? Is this a big part of your business?
  2. What are some payment pain points you’ve experienced at past events? [POS not working/customers insisting on paying with cash etc]
  3. How do you preferred to be paid at food festivals or pop-ups?
  4. How was the Rave POS onboarding experience like for you? Did you have any troubles understanding how it worked or was it pretty easy to pick up on?
  5. Have you tried any digital POS systems in the past?
  6. How did Rave help your business at the Jollof festival?
  7. How did your customers react to using a digital POS to pay you? Did you deal with any resistance from them?
  8. Do you have any more comments your experience with Rave/our digital POS?

By Koromone “KK” Koroye

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling